Before the British Musical Invasion of the 1960's, I was crawling around and listening to music by artists such as Elvis Presley, Bobby Rydell, and The Miracles. However, when I crawled in front of the television in early 1964 and saw The Beatles performing songs they had written themselves, I (like many others) realized that was something I wanted to do. Obviously, my results have not exactly matched those four guys from Liverpool, but over the years I had some great times and gained a lot of experience working as a musician, songwriter, audio engineer and music producer. And no matter how much the listening tastes change, one thing remains constant: If a song is really great, it will get noticed very fast. When working as a musician, I played drums, guitar, bass and keyboards in many bands over my career. Some of the more popular groups were The Mixed Emotions (my first band - check out the picture on the Photos page), Ironic Plague, Northern Front, Bunkhouse, Danny & The Twisters, and The Bandits! In 1998, I decided to stop playing live gigs and concentrate solely on the one thing I enjoy most - recording original songs and marketing them to other artists, producers, publishers and music libraries within the Music Industry. Until retiring from music altogether in 2013, I wrote songs with some truly outstanding songwriters, such as: Lyricists: Georgia Harrell, Kim Stewart, Melissa Richard, Jehara, Cat Welch, Diane Richardson and Teri Weston. Songwriter/musicians: Cindy Keeling, John Calabrese, Rik Mallin and Lori Clark. Songwriter/performers: Constance Walsh, Melissa Bauer, Dana Wittman, Stacy Donahue and Paula Mengarelli. Songwriter/musician/performers: Jill Dawson, Andi Morici and Amy Carlson. I also had the pleasure of recording and producing artists such as Nancy T, The Garritys, Dana Wittman, Constance Walsh, Melody Mallin, Amy Carlson, Stacy Donahue and Andi Morici. I’ve been an active member of Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI), and a voting member of The Recording Academy. I liked good, well-crafted songs more than a particular musical genre, and always tried to go that extra step in order to make the song more memorable for the listener. Although I’m no longer active in the Music Business, I appreciate you taking the time to visit my website. Please check out the photos, other links, and of course, the music (click on the song title and you'll be able to read the lyrics while listening to the songs). Thanks again and hope you visit again soon.