1. Not Goodbye

From the recording Not Goodbye


He doesn't know my heart's been his my whole life,
I didn't know how to make the words come out right.
I couldn't show that I need his arms to lift me wherever I go,
He couldn't stay and let me break his heart another way.

I want to tell him, God please, help me tell him,
Want to tell him, "I love you"; not "Goodbye".

He believed in me like no man has done before,
I believed that he would always be at my door.
But he grew tired of waiting for my love to come around,
When he walked out, I realized just what I'd found.

I want to tell him, promise this time, I'll tell him,
I'm gonna tell him, "I love you"; not "Goodbye".

I drove all night, never felt more right that his love is what I need,
I couldn't wait to tell him to his face that he completes me.

He looked at me, and waited to hear "Goodbye",
I looked at him, and this time looked right in his eyes.
I said goodbye, I said goodbye to every fear I had inside,
Then we both kissed, I never knew that I could feel like this.

I finally told him, it felt so good to hold him,
And tell him, "I love you";
I said, "I love you"; not "Goodbye".